Simplicity Is The Classic Athenian Jin Qinyue 8296-122-2/41 Watch Review

The ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ rise and fall alternately every day. The sun brings light and warmth to people, and the moon glows at night, and each night has a different shape and beauty, from the new moon to On the Xuanyue, from the full moon to the new moon, different shapes changed, bringing people infinite imagination. The ancient poet Li Bai once described in the poem ‘Gulangyuexing’ that ‘the hour does not know the moon, it is called a white jade plate. Suspected Yao mirror, flying in the blue clouds. ‘Visible the beauty of the moon. The moon phase watch uses the change in function of the dial to interpret the beauty of the moon, and our common moon phase watches have large moon phase dials on the large dial, and today we bring you The moon phase function dial of this Athens moon phase watch is so small that it is mistaken for power reserve display at first glance. It is such a simple and classic design that breaks the complex shape of traditional moon phase watches.

  Today, the watch we briefly reviewed is made of rose gold, with a 40 mm diameter in a rose gold case. Get design inspiration from the changing shape of the moon. Imitation of the ‘Imagination of the Moon’ limited watch to show the principle of the moon phase, adding Dr. O’Keelin’s DNA, Classico Luna accurately depicts the true situation of the moon as it rotates. In terms of straps, this watch has a black alligator leather strap, with a white dial design to highlight the classic style.

  Below the twelve o’clock is the small moon phase function dial. Everyone sees its size is as small as a date display window. The specific operating principle is also based on the same operating principle of the ‘Imagination of the Moon’ series in Athens. When rotating around the earth in the clockwise direction, it reflects the sun’s rays. The moon phase disc will display this angle of rotation and rotate around the center of the watch (representing the earth), making a circle every 12 hours. Its rotation speed will follow the 29.5-day cycle of the moon phase, and the color of the moon phase disk will change, which will increase and decrease with the lack of the moon. Of course, Athens also considers that the number of days in the month is different, so a button for quickly adjusting the moon phase function is set at the four o’clock and five o’clock positions to facilitate adjustment.

  At six o’clock, there is a small date display window. The size of the small window is almost the same as that of the moon phase window. The date is read through this delicate circular window.

  The white dial adopts the ancient Roman numeral time scale, and the classic three-hand design of the hour and minute hands is also coated with luminous coating material for easy reading at night. The beautiful crescent shape is carved at the tail of the second hand, and Athens is marked above the date display window. The English name, but the Athens logo is not carved, I think it should be to keep the surface simple and beautiful.

  Although there is no limited edition for this series, the serial number of the 32nd is relatively high. This watch uses the Athens UN-829 automatic mechanical movement, which seems to be quite satisfactory in terms of thickness.

  Under the sapphire crystal glass is the UN-829 automatic mechanical movement. This movement can provide 42 hours of power reserve, moon phase, hour, minute, second, calendar display functions. Speaking of the Athens movement, I have to say that some people have always questioned that some models in Athens will use the ETA movement and then be polished. However, the technical strength of Athens is obvious to everyone. Once used the ETA2892A2 to create the astronomical trilogy. And the annual output of Athens watches is only more than 10,000 pieces. The extremely low repair rate and strong technical strength prove that ETA can shine in the hands of Athens. It can be said that the more you know, the more you like it.

Summary: At the end of this brief review with a hands-on photo, the timepiece of the “Golden Moon Watch” series launched by Athens Watch is also divided into male and female models and steel rose gold models, etc There are many styles to choose from. This one we are evaluating today is a rose gold men’s model. The editor predicts that the price of this watch should be about 150,000 yuan. The simple design and magical moon phase function, as well as the solid workmanship of Athens. The price of around 15 will definitely be loved by the majority of watch fans.
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