Sky Blue In Dream Tasting Chopard L’ Heure Du Diamant Jewelry Watch

Chopard, which has spanned nearly 160 years of history, has demonstrated its talent in watchmaking. Since its birth, it has been doomed to an extraordinary position in the world of watchmaking. Chopard’s craftsmanship is very sophisticated. In 1969, in order to meet the needs of young fashion customers, Chopard incorporated jewellery into watches and became the target of many women. After 50 years, Chopard launched the new L’ HeureduDiamant series. The eight new watches draw inspiration from historical watches from 1969. They have both the modern style of the 1960s and the modern aesthetics. Let’s enjoy it together. (Watch model: 10A378-1004)

  The eight new watches released this year are equipped with sculpted dials: midnight blue lapis lazuli dial, forest green malachite dial, sky blue turquoise dial, black opal dial, etc. Create a moving light and shadow effect.

Watch real shot

  This women’s watch is made of noble white gold and is decorated with unique patterns on the sides, like blooming flowers. The bezel is set with over 4 carats of huge diamonds, which complement the delicate dial. For women, Chopard inlaid jewellery on the watch to better show the feminine charm.

  The sky blue turquoise dial is like a dream, showing a pure blue like a fairy tale. The simple three-pointer design maximizes the beauty of the turquoise dial as much as possible. At 12 o’clock, there is the Chopard classic logo.

  The crown on the side is engraved with a diamond and the non-slip texture design is used around it, making it easy for the wearer to operate the watch and adjust the time.

  The strap follows the 60’s ‘bark’ style and heavy textured white gold bracelet, combined with Chopard’s unique unique finish, ensuring that the gold feels smooth and silky, and does not scratch the fabric. This technology was pioneered by the Schaefer family in the 1960s. It was hand-carved on gold and then fixed on the bracelet structure.

  This watch is equipped with a movement from the CHOPARD09.01-C self-winding mechanical movement with a 42-hour power reserve. Through the transparent case back, the overall appearance of the movement is presented, exquisite and beautiful.

Summary: Chopard’s new L’ HeureduDiamant high-end jewellery watch reproduces the style of the 1960s. Art and craftsmanship, tradition and modernity blend on the watch, presenting superb jewelry and watch craftsmanship. If you are interested in this watch, you can pay more attention. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)