Soft Mian Mian Vs Hard Bang Bang Two Ceramic Di Who Is More Cool

Start, drive, and stop Whether it is the history of Daytona or today’s official slogan, it is defined as a watch that competes with speed. But after using it, I know that the start and stop of the timing are very rare; when reading, it is slightly inconvenient. For daily wear, Daytona is a fashionable dress and a driving feeling. The two Daytonas in this article both use a sturdy, scratch-resistant Cerachrom ceramic outer ring. For daily commute wear, the configuration is more practical and durable than the metal outer ring. 116500LN hard goods Panda Di, no matter new or old, are in the secondary market. High recognition, easy to wear, is the biggest feature of Panda Di. Whether it is a thin or thick wrist, a suit or casual, you can wear it comfortably and comfortably. Even a very basic T-shirt can match it perfectly. When I first saw Panda Di, maybe I didn’t have a sense of stunningness, and I felt a little plain. In particular, the surface is plain and lacks some layers. Of course, this simplicity is relative to Rolex. However, I have to choose a Daytona to satisfy the racing feelings. I will choose Panda Di and let it ride with the blue sky and white clouds. 116518LN talked about Gindy Tape. When everyone was chasing ‘Yu Wenle’, this ‘Paul Newman face’ was ignored. Such a classic color palette has appeared on the old K PN, and now it is naturally sky-high. Originally guessed that the black gold color and tape configuration would be more suitable for young people. As a result, I found that people of different ages can easily control it (recommended wrist circumference 16CM and above). This new PN is more fascinating when viewed from a distance. In the three-circle small plate, the snail-shaped texture is distinct; on the black chassis, the texture is retro low-key. Compared to the panda dish, it is more worthy of careful taste. In addition, the tape-shaped shell is ‘yacht-style’ with a bit more rigid at the end of the lugs. On the secondary market, the price difference between the two ceramics is about 30,000 yuan. Buy steel or buy gold at a good price? Jindi is soft, Gangdi is hard … Adults are always faced with inexplicable multiple choice questions. -End –