Swatch Snake Year Special Watch Passing Blessings

On the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year, Swatch presents a special watch named ‘White Snake’ for the Lunar Year of the Snake. The Chinese New Year in 2013 will begin on February 10th. In this traditional festival, family and friends get together for 15 days of fun. Swatch also launches a special watch every year to celebrate this traditional Spring Festival. The 2013 Swatch classic original series ‘White Snake Legend’ (SUOZ158), with a colorful white snake snake pattern on a unique white silicone strap, heralds the arrival of the Year of the Snake, and offers beautiful meaning and blessings.

‘White Snake Legend’-Classic Love
   In China, the legend of the white snake can be traced back to a thousand years ago, and many versions have been circulating in the folk. The most widely circulated version is the one that tells kindness, gratitude, virtue, courage, and true love. The story begins in this way. The white snake who has been humanized for thousands of years and turned into a beautiful woman. After encountering rebellious and often troubled green snakes, the two snakes quickly became sympathetic to the sisters after they had conquered her. The two met the young and handsome scholar Xu Xian at the famous Hangzhou West Lake. White Snake and Xu Xian fell in love at first sight, and then the two became husband and wife. After the marriage, they healed the sick and saved people, and lived happily. White Snake also quickly gave birth to the crystallization of their love. However, the scheming monk Fahai imprisoned the white snake under the Lei Feng Tower. At the end of the story, White Snake and Xu Xian’s son grew up and got the fame. He went to the tower to worship the mother, Leifeng tower fell, and the mother and son reunited, and lived a happy life ever since.

   In Chinese tradition, the twelfth sign of the Chinese zodiac is used to represent the year, and everyone believes that everyone has certain characteristics of the zodiac sign of the year of birth. As one of the important symbols of the Chinese spirit, it is believed that people born in the Year of the Snake possess the merits of smartness, flexibility and wisdom. Being born in the Year of the Snake also foreshadows good luck and intelligence.

   The ‘White Snake Legend’ special watch vividly outlines the image of the snake with artistic methods, boldly using bright colors, this unique design can not help but remind of Chinese traditional decorative arts, exquisite weaving technology and exquisite Stunning embroidered fabric. The white dial is decorated with colorful Arabic numerals, and the hour and minute hands work like snakes crawling. The colorful image of the spirit snake also appears on the watch’s special packaging gift box. A transparent case is built in to present this refined and aura full of ‘White Snake Legend’ watch.

SUOZ158 RMB: 580
Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: white dial, multicolor Arabic numerals, snake-shaped hour and second hands
Case: white matte hard plastic case
Strap: white hard silicone strap with multicolor snake pattern, white hard silicone bracelet and white buckle
Special packaging: multi-color flower pattern paper case with plastic watch box inside