Tanabata Gifts That Most Touched Ta

Love is,
A smile can be remembered for a long time,
A tacit understanding that can be understood with one expression …
The romantic Qixi Festival is approaching, and the whole city seems to be boiled with a passion, and even the air is filled with sweet breath.
So, what kind of gift can I choose to create this happy ritual for Ta?
Keywords: born a couple!

A natural pair of LOOK 1:
Although mediocre is true, but often give the other party a ‘surprising’ surprise, life can be a sweet taste!
Swatch POP series, 1 watch with N kinds of gameplay, creative detachable dial and a variety of freely matched ways to play a super tacit love, create a unique surprise for your love, express extraordinary creative thoughts!

Born to Look 2:
Time flies, the enthusiasm remains!
The appearance of Gao Leng was amazing, and the fiery heart was gentle for years.
Appearing cold and full of passion, our time is still hot, our love is still hot!

A born pair of LOOK 3:
A long time ago, the prince met the beloved princess
Turn into a heroic Batman, or turn into a playful Cheshire cat, and take Ta into your love wonderland …
‘You have to believe, believe that we will be like fairy tales, happiness and joy are the end!’

Born to Look 4:
Happiness is like a flower
Send a bouquet of flowers?
It is better to let Ta hear the heartbeat of flowers in the ‘tick’ of the watch, as if at first sight.

Born to Look 5:
Summer party, appointment?
Beaches, parties, tropical fruits, cocktails, as if you are in the tropical atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro!
Wear the bright summer energy and chase the wind with your hot partner!

‘match made in heaven’
Swatch2016 Chinese Valentine’s Day Special Watch
 After thousands of years of history, many generations of Chinese people have passed on many charming and emotional stories, and the innate and unforgettable natural pair is the love story of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl.

  Swatch specially created the 2016 Tanabata special watch, which sweetly re-enacts this romantic love legend: against the background of the blue night sky, two stars shining with crystals are scattered on both sides of the dial, and the cowboy is above the bridge. The silhouette embracing the weaving girl deeply, the affection is endless, as if the entire galaxy is gentle. The transparent blue silicone strap is also dotted with silver stars, showing a swirling starry sky, which complements the gorgeous galaxy on the dial …