The Beauty Of The Moon Lange Lange 1 Moon Phase ’25th Anniversary’

Walking in the square of Dresden, the ancient church exudes the aristocracy of the old style, and the magnificent bells announce the solemnity and solemnity of the ancient times. When the night comes, the moonlight is cold Lighting this historic city also reflects the historical changes over the centuries.
   The moon, both ancient and modern, and Chinese and foreign, has a mysterious, romantic and poetic color. From medieval tower clocks to modern watches, watchmakers portray the appearance of the moon on the wheel of time, or mean a certain religious form, or describe the relationship between celestial bodies, or refer to an artistic trend, or reflect technological innovation , It always has a unique charm waiting for you to discover.

   Lange, a well-known watch brand in Dresden, Germany, has been creating watch legends in this magical land since the 19th century. Moon phase has always been an important complex mechanism for the brand, and it is now the brand’s elegant aesthetics and Profile of innovation concept. From precision moon phases, northern and southern hemispheres, large moon phases to luminous moon phases, as well as day and night watch moon phase watches, Lange continues to give the moon phase functions an extraordinary presentation. Through precise structural design, the Lange accuracy of each Lange watch can reach the error standard that only needs to be adjusted by one day every 122.6 years. Compared with the conventional moon phase that has one day of error in 29.5 days, its theory The accuracy is more than 1500 times higher.
Lange LANGE 1 MOON PHASE “25th Anniversary”

   Among the many Lange moon phase watches, LANGE January Phase is the most representative. Lange has 17 moon phase watches (excluding material differences), of which 6 (excluding discontinued models) are based on LANGE 1 (Including GRAND LANGE 1 and LITTLE LANGE 1) based on the watch. LANGE 1 represents Lange’s rigor, practicality and high aesthetics. It is one of Lange’s first series of revival watches, and has become Lange’s proud masterpiece. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of Lange LANGE 1. Lange proudly presents a series of commemorative watches of extraordinary design to pay tribute to this special moment. In July, Lange brand new LANGE 1 MOON PHASE ’25th Anniversary’ limited edition watch, combined with Lange’s unique and innovative moon phase function, presenting beautiful sun, moon and sky scenery.
Day and night
   In fact, in the strict sense, the new LANGE 1 MOON PHASE “25th Anniversary” limited watch should be added with the DAY / NIGHT description, because it is not just a moon phase watch, it also has a day and night display function . In 2017, Lange innovatively designed a new generation of LANGE 1 MOON PHASE watches, which introduced the day and night display function based on the original moon phase function, which greatly enhanced the speciality of the LNAGE 1 moon phase watch. Because of this clever concept, Only available with LANGE 1.

   This year’s new LANGE 1 MOON PHASE ’25th Anniversary’ limited edition watch is based on the 2017 Lange Moon Phase watch. This watch adds a set of gear trains connected to the hour wheel in the original moon phase module, and at the same time changes the original single moon phase disk to a day and night disk and a ‘dual moon’ disk (there is a moon at each end. The two phases are concentric and coaxial, and the ‘dual moon’ plate is set against the background of the day and night plate. During the day, the background is sky blue, and at night, the background is starry sky. This design does not require additional display space, and can display two functional displays, which is indeed exquisite.
Time and elegance and precision
   As a member of the commemorative series, the new watch naturally has all the characteristics of the commemorative series. The watch as a whole has blue as the main tone. Only a few special or highly complicated models will show blue as an important symbol. All indicator elements of the dial, including hands, scales, brand logos and special signs are blue. The strap also uses a blue crocodile leather strap. The back movement also uses a large amount of blue decoration. These are the same as before. LANGE 1 MOON PHASE watches are distinguished.

   The watch is still equipped with a Lange L121.3 manual movement. This movement is from the L121.1 movement developed by Lange when it upgraded LANGE 1 in 2015. It is obviously characterized by the use of a full 3/4 German silver plywood, and the balance spring system also completely uses Lange’s homemade Structure, including homemade balance spring and weight balance. This movement is equipped with a dual barrel and provides a 72-hour power reserve, as the German ‘Doppelfederhaus’ on the dial means. In addition, the movement also incorporates Lange’s signature craftsmanship and design, including gold sleeves fixed by blue steel screws, mirror-polished escapement wheel bearing covers, hand-carved balance wheel plywood, and more. As a series of commemorative watches, Lange hand-carved the number 25 on the balance plate at the same time. All the carved textures are filled with blue materials, echoing the overall style of the watch.
   Of course, all Lange is highly respected by the fine watchmaking world. In addition to the series of high standards it emphasizes, it also insists on the second assembly of the movement. The assembly of the movement is a very labor-intensive and time-consuming process. The most professional assembly procedure is involved here. It is not only required to fully assemble the movement in place and run it accurately. In fact, it is a re-examination of each position of the movement. Due to the expertise of the entire movement system involved in the assembly of the movement, only the lubrication of the oil has rigorous and tedious requirements, and it must be operated in accordance with the instructions. Therefore, only experienced craftsmen will be placed in such positions. The second assembly of Lange requires that after the assembly of the movement is completed, it is disassembled and cleaned, and then reassembled, oiled and tested to ensure that the movement has completely superior quality.
  It is because of such high standards that Lange is so popular.

   The new watch has a diameter of 38.5 mm and a thickness of 10.2 mm. It has a very classic men’s watch size. The case is made of 18K white gold, the bezel is polished, the middle case is mercerized and polished, the lugs are naturally curved, and it is very simple but also shows elegance and delicate texture. The limited edition of 25 watches is priced at 43,300 Euros. It is expected to sell for around 350,000 yuan in China. Lange has 27 boutiques worldwide, 9 in China (including Hong Kong and Macau), 5 inland, and more flagship stores, which are always better than abroad.