The Great Masterpiece Of Blancpain Movement Factory 1185 Chronograph Movement

Calibre 1185, a movement from the FP factory in 1988, has been honoured with excellence. It is known as the smallest, thinnest and most stable chronograph movement in the world. For the first time, it has the world’s only vertical clutch mechanism. It became a great initiative at the time and was accepted as the first movement of many top watches. When CAL 1185 came out, it made a big splash in the industry and was used by many top brands.
Blancpain 3485F with CAL 1185 movement
    While carrying this legendary movement, Blancpain has made a unique bold innovation: on the basis of CAL 1185, it has developed a more complex double-chasing needle function, and can add a three-question function. In this regard, Blancpain has once again reached the forefront of movement innovation, and has become the object of chasing by others.
Blancpain 560st with CAL 1185 caliber