The Legendary Collection Shockingly Blooming The Breguet Flagship Store Settled In Shenzhen Vientiane City

The flagship store is located in Vientiane City, Shenzhen. Adhering to the aristocratic blood of Baodi, the style of the store continues the unique style of the brand: emphasizing the royal blue carved glass decoration, like the decorative pattern on enamel pocket watches Elegance and luxury everywhere, as well as a strong French atmosphere, pay tribute to the brand’s glorious history. At the same time, several world-famous Breguet Tourbillon watches have come from afar in Europe, and there are five rare antique watches engraved with long historical years, but also engraved with the unique history and uniqueness of Breguet. Culture landed in China for the first time. The ancient and the modern are shining, telling the eternity of time.
    On the opening day, accompanied by the wonderful chords of a pure jazz band, Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, Vice President of Breguet China will personally debut the masterpiece of Breguet, the ‘Double-Tourbillion’ wrist, in China for the first time. The form was handed to Ms. Fang Juan, the managing director of Vientiane City Hengli Watch Co., Ltd., bringing the climax of this event. This precious watch is not only the most distinguished and special exhibit at this exhibition, but also represents the deep friendship between Breguet and Hengli.
    Exquisite tourbillon device, with 18K gold refined case, hand-engraved flower, sapphire crystal see-through case, or micro-engraved chassis, Breguet hairspring … Every tourbillon watch on the scene has condensed the world’s best Watchmaking techniques have precipitated Breguet’s unique aesthetics and history. Among these expensive time artworks, the five most precious antique tourbillon watches are produced in the 19th century. Their pure classical beauty makes them feel like they are in a European museum. The strong artistic atmosphere makes people calm down. I’m forgotten about things. Among them, the antique tourbillon pocket watch No. 1188 has the most historical significance. It is the third tourbillon pocket watch made by Mr. Bao Di and is the oldest tourbillon pocket watch traceable in the world. Mr. Baodi made only 35 tourbillon watches during his lifetime. The significance of this piece can be imagined.
    Breguet, the ancestor brand of the modern watch industry, has always been a wonderful marriage of technology and art. It has a long list of brilliant research and development achievements, including “parachute shock absorbers”, “ringing bell springs” for spring watches and so on. The design has a profound impact on today’s watch industry. As the pinnacle of watch industry, the tourbillon invented by A.-L. Breguet in 1801 marked the revolution in watchmaking and the establishment of new standards for timing. This ingenious device overcomes the watch error caused by gravity and makes the watch more accurate. It requires the entire delicate device to be as light as feathers, and at the same time it must be very sturdy. Because it involves quite difficult mechanical processes, it has become the Mount Everest that every top watchmaker dreams of climbing, and only a few top watchmakers have Ability to make independently.