There Are So Many Watches In The World, Why Do You Love Explosive Models?

In recent months, people have been asked almost every few days: ‘Sister Bunny, want to buy green water ghosts, can you buy them? What about Daytona?’ In the half year ago, I would still persuade You do n’t have to chase the money. Now your temper is long gone, and you are so distressed that it only condenses into one sentence: ‘Why ca n’t you have money to buy?’ The so-called hard to buy in the world is just unwilling to ‘buy at increased prices’. In such a transparent market, it is daydreaming that looking at abroad to scan a few stores can encounter regular-priced goods, or acquaintances can help order, which are daydreams (at this time it is conscience for acquaintances not to pit you). If you are uneasy about raising prices, or give up looking for something you love, buying a watch is as simple as that. The so-called tangled nature is to make money. Let me show you the latest market. The Rolex Green Water Ghost you care about has a public price of 70,000 in China. The market price last week was 84,000 yuan, and just a few days ago, the price rose to 87,000 yuan, almost 1,000 yuan a day. And the white-faced panda di, the Chinese public price of 95,000 yuan, the current market price of more than 140,000, I feel that breaking through 150,000 is just around the corner. When rabbits wrote in the second half of last year, the price remained at more than 70,000 and 120,000 respectively. Although Patek Philippe Nautilus experienced an official price increase of 20% in March this year (a slight drop of about 2.8% in August), it still cannot stop the enthusiasm of queuing (actually diluting the profits of the second-tier traffickers). The domestic public price is more than 210,000, and the domestic public price of 5712 / 1A is less than 300,000, but the market price of both has climbed to about 360,000 (these two prices can be fried so close, the rabbit also feels very magical). In fact, when it comes to the soaring of the two steel snails, there are still twists and turns. In 2006, 5711 and 5712 appeared. At the beginning, there were also small-scale grabbing watches. For example, CEO Fan Fan bought 5712 in 2008. At that time, it was difficult to buy because there were 8 people in the front (now more than 200 people are at least, some people Prepare for 8 years). But it was difficult to buy at that time, which we understood as chasing by small circles. Sure enough, the market price of 5712 dropped from a public price of more than 260,000 to about 200,000. Of course, those who truly love watches do not care about these. However, no one expected that a new round of scramble for the wind will start after 2014, and this time it is not the entertainment of the traffickers, but the masses of people are killing them with real money. Among them, 5711’s performance was even more exaggerated. A wave of skyrocketing in 2017 directly led to a doubling of the public price, and the domestic and foreign markets are very close. Interestingly, the inability to buy steel models began to chase gold and gold watches, which drove the demand for nautilus across the board, even 5726 and 5990, which we think are less attractive, followed the fire (but Rabbit Fan said something unique. , Aesthetics will change, at this time it feels average, and the future may be quite flavorful.) From the current Chinese market, except for the two most popular, excluding people who line up, 5990 orders are the most. 5980 is gold or inter-gold, but the best selling is the full gold. Rabbit also believes that Nautilus is perfect with metal straps, especially easy to use. At the same time when Nautilus was selling well, a group of ‘below’ guys aimed at the Aquanaut, which looked like a Nautilus, and they were overwhelmed when they lay red. Among them, 5167 is the largest beneficiary, and it is indeed cheap, with only 130,000 steel models. The steel model of 5164 is also very attractive at less than 250,000 in both places. Even the large watch diameter of 5168 has not stopped everyone’s enthusiasm for buying. It is said that in May of this year, China had sold its full year share. The three grenades are 5167, 5164 and 5168. Although the number of people in line is not as large as that of the nautilus, it is also necessary to wait 2 years. And Rolex also rose across the board, all around. Yesterday, a spy reported that in addition to the green water ghost one price a day, the single red sea cost 92,000 yuan has exceeded China’s public price, the golden and blue water ghost also climbed along the way, even the green face Jindi reached more than 220,000. The gold and blue water ghosts have a public price of 105,000 yuan in China. The market price was previously between 75,000 and 78,000 yuan, but it has recently exceeded 82,000 yuan. China’s prices have always been high, but once it becomes popular, there will inevitably be the phenomenon of global parity and super-China public prices. Greenwater ghosts and Baidi are examples. Similarly, the public price of blue and black circles in China is 69,300 yuan, and the market price has reached 78,000 yuan. Rabbit 2 months ago saw a blue and black circle at a regular price and not tying in a Rolex store in China. It took less than an hour to load it. Such opportunities will only become more difficult in the future. In fact, the Nautilus is good, and the Rolex’s big models, as well as AP’s Royal Oak, represent the popularity of sports in the young generation. After all, no matter how good it is to sell like a Rolex, the full-fledged Cellini has always been the one who is not shocked. So in the face of all the popular models, can we chase after them? One of the major characteristics of Chinese people is that they chase up and not chase down. Playing stocks is also this routine. So, is it because I really like it in my heart, or do I think it is profitable when I buy it? Was it because of a lack of attention and now being deeply poisoned after repeated brainwashing? Sometimes it’s difficult to explain what actually caused the “must-buy” mentality. Of course, there are many followers, because insurance recognition is high. I’ve seen many people who do n’t know anything about watches, but they shouted for green water ghosts. Because, besides that, he didn’t know anything, of course, it might be that he just looked at it and caught his eye. Consumer psychology is subtle. One thing I found interesting recently was that after giving up the nautilus and grenade, someone actually targeted the small box of Casio. The love house and the house are also magical (of course, Casio fans told me that it is a young feeling, but many people do buy it for a shape similar to nautilus). ‘We have a traitor,’ Casio mingled in the Nautilus and Grenade, the 35th anniversary of the harmonious Casio G-shock, and made a series of small squares. Take small silver bars and small gold bars as an example, the Chinese market is already very difficult to buy. The domestic price of silver metal bands is 3690 yuan, and gold is 4,290 yuan. The silver market price has exceeded 2,000 yuan, and gold has been fired to 8000 to 10,000 yuan. It is said that if you want to buy it in China, you will have luck, that is, the moment you enter the door, otherwise it will be closed. In the past few days, when discussing CASIO in the group, I actually flashed the thought of ‘buying a play’ in my heart. Fortunately, I took a look at my nautilus and took a deep breath to calm down. So we can understand the birth of explosion models. From the word of mouth of small groups, mutual influence, to gradually spread, follow the trend or try, it will indeed lead to a wave. Excluding the factors that follow the trend, many times can become explosive, but also because of the depth of interaction between people and watches. If we have been immersed in a certain atmosphere, we have a deep understanding of certain products, and naturally feel good, but like it because of understanding, this is the natural advantage. As for chasing? Rabbit’s suggestion is not to easily buy a price increase, unless you don’t care much or you will lose sleep. Judging from the current market, while Rolex still has some hot spots that do not exceed the Chinese public price, it may be safe to line up domestically, so is PP. Nautilus or relentlessly buy gold models, or peace of mind to line up a grenade. It is not long for two or three years. Just a moment. In fact, judging from the data held by rabbits, the supply of nautilus in China has almost doubled in the past two years, but the demand is too large and the supply is far short of demand. I also come to guess the response of several major brands in the future. For example, Rolex may increase production or increase the selling price, otherwise this state will last for a long time (many people in N-tier cities in China have not bought it). As for PP, according to the tradition of discontinuing production and explosion models, 5711 and 5712 have been in 12 years. It is no accident that one day suddenly stopped, there will always be new ones to replace the old ones. If you can’t choose, you should still buy. But what the rabbit wants to say is that in addition to these popular series on the market, there are many hidden explosions. For example, in the past few years, the Omega Speedmaster Snoopy limited edition recommended by the rabbit was more than 50,000 yuan. This year, it sold more than 140,000 yuan at Christie’s Spring. Secondly, last year’s Miss Coco version (MADEMOISELLE J12) of Chanel J12 last year, more than 50,000 public price, also sold more than 140,000. On premium power, it is absolutely first-rate (rabbit loses two big hits because of poverty). So you might as well open your eyes and look for possible good watches in the future. For example, Omega’s Speedmaster is a series I am very optimistic about, and it is worth winning when I encounter a limited edition that I like. Originally I wanted to end this topic with consumption upgrade, but yesterday I finished chatting with Zhang Fan. I specifically checked the M2 value of the past ten times, which means that on the basis of inflation, we are brave and chasing. On a watch that could not be bought 10 years ago. What will happen in the future? Enjoy the moment while you have money in your pocket. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!