Tissot Glory Witness The Wonderful Moment Of The Opening Ceremony Of The 17th Incheon Asian Games

September 19, 2014, Leroc, Switzerland / Incheon, South Korea. The opening ceremony of the 17th Incheon Asian Games was successfully opened in Incheon, South Korea at 6 pm on September 19, 2014. The theme of this Asian Games is ‘Meet the Future of Asia’. Athletes, referees, stars from all over the world, and many Asian Games organizers including Jin Rongxiu, chairman of the Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee, gathered together to celebrate this. A world-renowned international event. . Tissot, a well-known Swiss watch brand with more than 160 years of watchmaking history, has been officially designated as the timing partner of the Asian Games. The accurate sports timing and data processing capabilities witness the passionate moments of the 17th Incheon Asian Games. With the legend of Tissot brand and sports for more than 100 years.

At the opening scene, Mr. François Thiébaud, Tissot Global President, said: ‘This is an unparalleled opening ceremony. In order to present a high-level sports event, I deeply feel the Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee. The countless efforts and efforts of the club. I believe that both the audience and the staff who come to cheer can see and feel the beautiful future of Asia through this event. Similarly, as Incheon, South Korea in 2014 The official timing partner of the Asian Games, Tissot has also made a long and full and professional preparation to strive for perfection. I can proudly say that Tissot and the Asian Games will create a wonderful sports event together. ‘

The opening night’s performance was a fusion of drama, dance, visual effects, Pansori (Korean traditional narrative rap art), and classical music. With the well-known singer and music producer “Yangnam Style”, Uncle PSY Bird unveiled the theme song “OnlyOne”, the Korean singer Cao Xiumei and the Incheon Citizen Choir sang a song composed by the famous Korean poet Gao Yin ‘Song of Asia’ also brought wonderful performances to the top Korean men’s groups EXO, JYJ, and Zhang Dongjian, Kim Soo-hyun and other movie stars that Chinese audiences like very much.

Tissot Incheon Asian Games commemorative watch

Tissot Haoji series automatic winding 2014 Asian Games limited edition watch

Tissot Haoji Series Automatically Winds Up 2014 Asian Games Limited Edition Men’s Watch RMB6,550

Tissot Haoji Series Automatically Winds Up the 2014 Asian Games Limited Edition Women’s Watch RMB6,550

The Tissot Haozhi automatic winding 2014 Asian Games Limited Edition men’s watch is decorated with a deep black dial, red and white scales and hands dotted with stars, like a little bit of starlight at night; the female watch is decorated with mother of pearl Express the feminine beauty. The appearance of this watch is elegant and integrated, and the details are full of designer’s ingenuity. The various processes blend and move freely on the polished and mirror-finished surface, letting each wearer The temperament of Zhuo Ran is irresistible. However, what is really exciting is the extraordinary inner nature of this watch, making it the uncrowned king. Tissot uses superb and rigorous watchmaking technology, applies newly developed technology to production, and launches a revolutionary mechanical power 80 movement, which makes the watch’s power reserve time reach an extraordinary 80 hours. The Tissot Haozhi series is the flagship product using this movement, which interprets the brand concept-making luxury at your fingertips.

Tissot Junchi 200 Series 2014 Asian Games Commemorative Pair Watch

Tissot Jun Chi 200 Series 2014 Asian Games Commemorative Men’s Watch RMB3,850

Tissot Junchi 200 Series 2014 Asian Games Commemorative Women’s Watch RMB3,850

The Tissot Junchi 200 Series 2014 Asian Games commemorative model has a classic look and feel, with a water resistance of 20 bar (equivalent to 200 meters / 660 feet). With screw-in case back and crown, it stands out from many sports watches. The watch has a simplified bezel design that makes the dial larger and clearer when read. At the same time, all graduations use Super-LumiNova® environmentally-friendly luminous paint, which has a luminous function, which does not affect the wearer’s grasp of time even in dark places. The Tissot Junchi 200 series 2014 Asian Games commemorative men’s dial uses elegant and quiet black, while the female models use soft and charming silver. The back cover of the watch is engraved with the 2014 Incheon Asian Games logo, which is unique in commemorative significance. The back cover of the men’s watch is decorated with silk-screen glass for added texture. The finishing touch of the overall design is the bright red chronograph seconds hand, and the two chronograph dials at 10 and 2 o’clock. Of course, the design of the minute scale area is also very different. All the details emphasize the sporty nature of the watch, and the red elements are inspired by the sun pattern on the logo of the Asian Olympic Council and the 17th Incheon Asian Games, which is the best representative of the spirit of sports.