Titoni Misslovely Beauty Series New Product Launch Conference

TONI MissLovely Beauty Series New Product Launch Conference

TONTITONI presents the new MissLovely watch series. In order to be serious, Plum Watch specially invited Hong Kong film and television star Ms. Chen Minzhi and Ms. Li Shiyun to come to the new product launch site to share with everyone the fashion vigor brought by the beautiful series.

The new product launch was lively and lively. Chen Minzhi and Li Shiyun each wore a chic and beautiful series of women’s watches. They performed a simple and grand unveiling ceremony for the beautiful series of watches. When asked how they felt about this series of watches, the two women of the era invariably said: ‘In addition to showing the time, you can also wear clothing to attend different occasions. It is the best choice to show your personal style. ‘Chen Minzhi particularly appreciates the design of the barrel-shaped case and pear-shaped time scale of the beautiful series 23976 watch, and the quality guarantee of the Swiss plum watch is definitely a stylish and reliable wrist. Li Shiyun has a special fondness for the asymmetrical design of the beautiful series 23977 watch. The unusual and interesting details bring out the brand’s consistent elegance and surprise.

On the 95th anniversary of the establishment, Plum Watch proudly looks back on its independence that it has never given up for many years. Looking forward to the future, TITONI will continue to maintain its reputation as an expert in outstanding mechanical watches and provide customers with high-end and high-quality characteristic watches.