Wait A House In The Hand

Laura Lan, a famous Chinese and Chinese critic of clocks and jewellery, the main author of ‘Large in Uppercase’, also specializes in the appreciation of mechanical watches. . Established ‘Attractive Studio’ to engage in professional copywriting, consulting, and lectures. This may not be a joke. Valuable mechanical watches are not only comparable to a house in terms of pricing, but they also reflect architectural thinking in structural thinking. I always think that design does not come out of thin air. All design ideas and inspiration are traceable. All excellent designs have a design language to understand it and have common features with design in other fields. RICHARD MILLE watches often resonate with my views on architectural design appreciation. The price of a RICHARD MILLE watch may not be higher than the price of a one-story apartment in the center of Shanghai, but you can buy half-floor floors. Wearing a RICHARD MILLE watch is like wearing a house on your wrist. Not only the high price, the design of the RICHARD MILLE watch and the architectural design I have observed have several similarities and similarities. -Penetrability-When going to the Federal Institute of Technology (Rolex Learning Center) in Lausanne, Switzerland, through the columns below the building, these high and low columns support this building like a giant wave, which is well-known in Japan Designed by architect Sejima Kazuyo. Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland (Rolex Learning Centre). The most important core of the buildings designed by Meidao Heshi is penetrability. Therefore, when entering the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the buildings are extremely transparent, and even the conference rooms are surrounded by glass curtains. The high and low curved floor is no longer a square building with traditional concept, it is more like a naturally generated space. Works by Kojima Kajima: Grace Farm Riverside Architecture. The sister island Heshi designed the Louvre Lance branch. The wall curtain made of concrete and metal, and glass and aluminum panels made full use of natural light. The building is fully integrated into the natural environment. The concept of Sister Island has always existed, even her works on the Seto Inland Sea Dog Island: the gazebo and the arc petal installation are based on the concept of combining penetrability with local customs. A work by Kazuo Mishima on Seto Inland Seal Island. RICHARD MILLE has introduced such penetrability into the movement design concept since the work RM 009. It is not presented in the traditional “hollow out” way, but from the penetrability of the structure of the movement itself. The movement is no longer the starting point for a large piece of splint, but the concept of the movement has been drafted as a separate object in the construction itself. The RM 009 incorporates penetration into the structure design of the movement. At this time, where to fix the tourbillon’s central axis and where the gear train shaft is to be supported, all are planned early in this building structure, to preserve as much penetration as possible, and to use parts as visible structures in a timely manner In part, like the Louvre Lance branch, the beams and pillars seen through the glass are part of the appreciation of the scenery. Kojima is the Louvre Lance branch. When it comes to penetrability, architectural design often uses a large number of elements as the theme of the curtain. RICHARD MILLE led the design imagination of the bezel, boldly creating a whole sapphire crystal case, with a penetrating movement design. Isn’t it like a glass house with a metal frame? Really is creating a wrist structure with a movement as the framework and a case as the cover. RICHARD MILLE leads the industry’s first case made of sapphire crystal, which maximizes the penetration of watches. -Metamorphosis-RICHARD MILLE has taken the design of the barrel-shaped case with a perfect curve as the main axis from the beginning, and it also logically surrounds the barrel shape in the design of the movement, except for the barrel-shaped main plywood as Outside of the creative roots, RICHARD MILLE boldly directly designed the movement structure into a case that can be completely fixed in the case without losing its penetrability instead of the complicated faceplate, allowing the movement wheel itself to directly become the facade of the watch. protagonist. The RM055 movement is like a building structure, replacing the face plate as the visual focus of the watch. If you imagine that the movement is an architectural structure, and RICHARD MILLE chooses the front and rear sapphire crystal mirrors and bottom covers as the building’s covering material, then the movement itself is the structure and beams of the building. The first time we saw the movement of a mechanical watch at RM 59-01 was such a minimalistic and interesting creativity. A fixed bridge like a frog web spanned the entire wheel train and Fixed, reminiscent of the contemporary art gallery designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry for the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. Contemporary art gallery by Frank Gehry. Just as this sailboat-themed design broke the Founder’s architectural thinking, RICHARD MILLE broke the plane-level assembly thinking on the RM 59-01 movement design, and fixed the whole wheel train with four divergent single-line brackets. Using Frank Gehry to cover the large-area glass with irregular curved surfaces, exposing the building’s structural frame, saying that it is a building, in fact, it is more like a work of art. RM 59-01 Yohan Blake Tourbillon Watch. The watch case design has the inherent limitations of wrist wearability, but RICHARD MILLE has evolved this limitation into another design idea. RM 70-01 is based on the cycling needs of legendary racer and cyclist Alain Prost. Follow the curve of the limbs between the wrist and palm to create a ‘curved’ watch. Even the movement must follow the ‘turn’, inspired by the outline of the bicycle frame, and the unequal triangle fixed watch bridge in this turning movement has instead become a special geometric game. The RM 70-01 Alain Prost tourbillon is distorted and twisted from the inside to the outside from the case to the movement. While watching RM 70-01, the Heydar Aliyev Center designed by Zaha Hadid, a famous female architect who has passed away, is also in front of her eyes: the lines are similar to a right-angled triangle but have a strong sense of flow. The building is not a design on paper The draft, the implementation of the building is taking into account the geographical conditions of the environment, the use of lines, structure and materials and other conditions, so that the shape and function can be integrated into a visual sense and use of function outstanding parallel works. Heydar Aliyev Center, designed by Zaha Hadid. RM 70-01 is exactly the design of RICHARD MILLE watches with this kind of fluidity. This fluidity is also derived from the cycling needs of Alain Prost. From the selection of materials (lightweight carbon fiber) As well as the configuration of the function (counting structure) and the streamlined appearance design of the wrist, they are all creative masterpieces in which the shape and function are parallel. RM 70-01 Alain Prost Tourbillon watch. (Photo: Kyle Kuo)-Suspension-When the Millennium Bridge in Bankside, on the south bank of the Thames in London, connects the West Bank on the north bank, I caught up with the first group of people who walked on the bridge. That was also Millennium Night. Every time after that, I went to the Teide Museum of Modern Art to see the exhibition. The bridge at the back door had begun to leave, and I went to the bridge as the first group of people crossing the river. The sparse crowd went to Xicheng, but heard the South Bank police whistle broadcast, and asked pedestrians to leave the bridge quickly because the Millennium Bridge has not yet been opened and there are safety concerns. Millennium Bridge, London. Looking down at London Millennium Bridge from the air, it looks like an open net, but walking on the bridge surface only sees the brackets that extend to both sides. The Millennium Bridge is not a suspension type bridge, but it is created by the lines of a structural bracket A visual sense of hanging mesh. Suspension bridges give people a sense of grandeur. Suspension bridges are suitable for windy and earthquake-prone areas. Because suspension bridges can create longer distances, they are often used in cross-sea bridge designs. The famous San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, the Akashi Bridge in Japan and the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong are all typical suspension bridge designs. Akashi Bridge, Japan. Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong. The staggered steel cables open a braided mesh from the top to the bridge deck. When crossing the bridge deck, there is a sense of wilderness and vicissitudes of crossing the bridge. The suspension cable is more effective in responding to the elasticity of the earthquake. RICHARD MILLE is also The movement design is the first to fix the movement with such a suspension cable concept to meet the external shock shock. In fact, as early as RM 27-01, RICHARD MILLE has started to use the suspension system to fix the movement. In order to meet the impact impact of the Nadal tennis competition, the movement is fixed by hanging around the movement. On the case, this is also the first suspension-type fixed movement design in the watch industry. The RM 27-01 is the earliest RICHARD MILLE model with a suspension system. The design of the RM 53-01 movement is more complicated than the RM 27-01. The suspension cable is fixed in a staggered manner like a suspension bridge: using a miniature steel cable and two sets of tensioning systems, the movement is suspended and connected to the watch. The case is firmly fixed, and the rope has both toughness and rigidity, which enables the watch to withstand accelerations of up to 5,000G. RM 53-01 The Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon watch refines the movement and its suspension system. The movement is suspended between two upper and lower 5th grade titanium-milled plywood, using two braids with a diameter down to only 0.27mm Steel cable, fixed with 4 tensioning wheels and 10 pulleys, outlines the structure of a three-dimensional suspension movement. Such a suspended movement system tests the aesthetics of the movement’s layout, as well as the mechanical mastery of the overall movement’s smoothness and even distribution of steel cables. The RM 53-01 Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon also uses a suspension system. The assembly and fixing of the movement also relies on special tools and rigorous technology. In particular, each section of the steel cable fixed to the tensioning device must strictly control the tension of the steel cable. The steel cable is wound around the tensioning device through the pulley system. Special tools are locked. The process of locking and fixing requires a high degree of manual skill, because too tight may cause the cable or fixing device to break, and too loose may affect the movement performance of the movement. The suspension system used in the RM 53-01 draws on the experience of RM 27-01 and RM 056. In addition to the thinner cables, the suspension method of the entire movement has been changed, from vertical to horizontal suspension. And re-developed the inclination angle of the rollers and the intersecting plane structure to optimize the reliability of the overall suspension structure. Compared to the vertical suspension of RM 27-01, the suspension system of RM 53-01 has been changed from vertical to horizontal. Compared with the London Millennium Bridge, RM 56-01 is more similar to the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in the United Kingdom. It is also the use of inclined arcs, but the Gateshead Millennium Bridge is curved from the deck. The suspension cables that extend obliquely are not staggered. From the air, you can admire the Gaither Millennium Bridge. This bridge can be raised by about 50 meters through the pressure lifter at both ends of the bridge, allowing small vessels to pass through. Like a big eye that blinks. Gettyhead Millennium Bridge, England. In addition to the function of the building, the aesthetic beauty of creativity is the hard work direction of modern architects. Compared to the traditional field of manual watchmaking, a stereotyped and following the traditional movement design, RICHARD MILLE is like an architect on the wrist. The view of doctrine combined with the requirements of practical use of the function creates a unique movement structure, which is extremely outstanding in aesthetics and physics. It is difficult for anyone to surpass this cutting-edge view.