Which Longines Should I Buy With A Budget Of 20,000 Yuan? Received This New Table Raiders

A few days ago, Rabbit Fan JING privately sent me a picture, saying that I took care of this, and thought about it for a long time, really want to buy it. I took a look at the Longines Elegant Series. However, everyone knows Rabbit’s preference for Longines, because as one of the Swatch Group’s main sales force, Longines has a lot of styles, so I suggested to pick it again, such as looking for a classic replica. After less than 20 minutes, she responded to me and said, ‘Ah, I have already bought one, I ca n’t help it, save it and update it afterwards.’ Then it was the joy she showed from the text across the screen. Feeling: ‘I used to wear fashion watches before, this is my first brand-name watch, but because I have a habit of wearing watches since I was a kid, it is logical to buy Longines.’ I asked, why choose Longines? She told me: ‘I picked from three or four brands. Later, considering the popularity, of course, the style is more important, so I broke the budget. I originally planned to buy a pair for 10,000, and now it costs 16,800 yuan. However, I’m happy. ”In fact, many young people who just started working from time to time asked me in the background:“ Will you buy Longines for the first watch? ”My answer is that you can buy Longines at any stage, but with different budgets and different attitudes Or, as aesthetics change with age, choices are very different. So today’s rabbit will take Longines’ new watch this year as an example to customize a watch purchase suggestion for everyone. The budget is not high, 20,000 yuan is enough. The 17,000-yuan master craftsman’s calendar may be the next hottest Longines is the master craftsman series released in 2005. The dealer told me that the current proportion of master craftsmen in sales is as high as 60%. It is just that although the master craftsman series is large, it will also face consumption upgrade, so this year’s calendar (which automatically distinguishes between 30 and 31 days and months) will be released, and the Basel Order Fair will be a big hit. The famous craftsman had the style of weekly calendar and moon phase before, but the annual calendar function was the first time in the entire Longines series. 40mm diameter, most men can accept, using the L897 automatic movement, 64 hours power reserve. China’s pricing is around 17,000 yuan, which is not high for Longines and the price is very good. Rabbit ran to several Longines stores and learned that currently in the main series of famous craftsmen, the price of male watches sold is basically concentrated in the early 20,000 yuan, the average price is higher. And the famous maker’s moon phase of more than 20,000 yuan is not particularly sufficient from the second half of last year, so some people may not be able to buy it. The appearance of the annual calendar gives everyone an option (the previous weekly calendar model has been the best-selling model). In addition, some readers and I reported that after buying a relatively complicated moon phase watch, I was greedy for simplicity, and I added a master craftsman single calendar 628, so I personally am very optimistic about this annual calendar, the simple function table, Very attractive. For young people’s entry table, 7900 yuan can start with Concas VHP 20,000 yuan. It is already the main sales area of ​​Longines men’s watches. For young people who want to buy the first watch, the budget is not enough, and they think the watch looks too long. More classic and formal, are there any other options? So it must be mentioned that Comcast V.H.P (Very High Precision), a new chronograph in Basel this year. Yes, this is a quartz watch, but let’s take a look at this new watch aside from the bias of the quartz movement. Quartz watches are made by Japanese? Maybe everyone remembers the ‘quartz crisis’ that hit the Swiss watch industry too deeply, but in fact, the Swiss are not uninvolved. Longines made the first quartz clock in 1954 and put it in the famous ‘Chronocinégines’ timing device. The timing accuracy is 1/100 second, which can be used to track the moment when the athlete crosses the finish line. It was a very practical device at the time. In 1969, Longines created the ‘Ultra-Quartz’ watch, which was the first quartz watch designed for mass production. In 1984, Longines launched the Concas V.H.P. watch, setting a new record of accuracy. Last year, Longines re-launched this series with an annual error of plus or minus 5 seconds. This year’s timepiece is priced at more than 15,000 yuan. One selling point is that it uses a GPD (Gear Position Detection) system, which resets the hands if the watch is affected by a magnetic field. The battery life is very strong, although some quartz watch batteries have 10 years, and Concas V.H.P. watches are written for 5 years, in fact, these 5 years refer to uninterrupted work. But this watch does not go on, that is to say, it will stop walking if you leave it for 1 minute, but it does not mean that you will “forget the time” and restart it to restore memory. This is also a power saving magic weapon, so go No problem in 20 years (reminds when the battery is almost exhausted). In short, this is a watch that does not require much effort to take care of. For young people, the entry price of Concas V.H.P is close to the people, starting from 7,900 yuan, and the relative design of the movement is another option for the first watch. This year’s chronographs are available in stainless steel and black PVD, with a diameter of 42 or 44 mm. Finally, with a few words on the topic of quartz movements, according to Rabbit’s first-line sales, men in China’s 30s and 40s prefer mechanical models, but women do n’t care, so Jialan sold Longines’quartz models. Better, better than beautiful. However, we have also given some readers suggestions. If you have a small amount of exercise and do not care about the daily life of the watch, you can consider a quartz watch. When the budget is limited, it is still cheap. Tired of aesthetic beauty? Try the pioneer market is so large, you will always encounter those who do not want to follow the wave. But what about Longines’ fame? The advent of this new series of pioneers has the desire to divert customers. For example, Cartier, the blue balloon became popular, and sales accounted for half of the brand’s watches, so Cle is needed to divert. One is to reduce the risk of a brand relying too much on a series, and the other is to increase choice. Therefore, the posters of Longines, whether they are Peng Yuyan or Zhao Liying, are all pioneers. Even on the posters of famous craftsmen, the models with blue dials appeared to distinguish the regular models. The pioneer series was launched last year at the 185th anniversary of Longines. This year Basel has added rose gold and gold (rose gold and stainless steel) versions, and the movement uses a single crystal silicon spring. Swatch Group this year began to popularize silicon hairsprings on many of its brands, increasing accuracy, which is also the financial strength of large groups. And the founders have four sizes of 26mm, 36mm, 38.5mm and 40mm, so men and women are suitable. This year’s models with gold materials are all transparent, increasing viewing. At present, the price of styles set in China is basically more than 20,000 (the highest gold model of 40,000 has reached the top of Longines’ price). If it is the previous all-steel model, it is 16,500 yuan. The classic replica legend diving watch, worthy of chasing the classic replica is one of my favorite series, but China has always been a very small quantitative, so many times can only be a feast for the eyes. The rabbit happened to go to the Longines Museum in Soyimia this time, and saw a lot of prototypes of historical watches. Longines has such a huge library of materials, which can fully support the inspiration of this classic classic series every year. Moreover, for example, the straight-up models have been repeatedly pushed many times in history, which is simply the inspiration pillar of Longines. This year’s legendary diving watch is based on a diving watch produced by Longines in the 1960s. It is made of black PVD, two screw-in crowns, and a screw-down case back, which can guarantee 300 meters of water resistance. The diving bezel can also be controlled by the crown at 2 o’clock to help divers confirm the remaining diving time (of course, most people who buy diving watches will not actually launch). Of course, what if you really insist on playing with water? So Longines provided a longer strap in addition to the black Milan grid rubber strap. Do enough homework. The price of this watch is 18,800 yuan. Those who are interested can pay attention to it earlier, because China is not easy to find. Longines is a household name in China. It is inevitable that many people in the old generation have deep memories of Longines, so I need to do a separate issue to help newcomers to watch selection. In fact, the relationship between Longines and China dates back to 1867. The businessman Jos.A. Meyer sold the first Longines watch to Guangdong. The dial of this watch was engraved with a lion. At that time, Longines’ Chinese name was ‘Longren’. One of the things I remember the most over the years is Longines’ ‘Longines in China’, launched in 2010. At that time, Longines collected Longines watches from collectors across the country. Finally, it received 336 watches and selected them. The oldest 20 watches left the factory. The Longines silver pocket watch in the collection of Shanghai collector Zhou Yong is the oldest, with serial number 5535 and Longines 20C movement. According to the Longines sales chronicle record, this watch was shipped on December 12, 1869. Do you feel strange? Such an old watch can be found out, indeed, all Longines models are recorded. During Basel this year, the rabbit finally saw the legendary archive room at the Longines Museum. In a room of more than 10 square meters, a detailed record of nearly 50 million watches was placed-where each watch was numbered, described, and finally sold to Dealer. The difference is that this paper record was from 1867 to 1969, and subsequent sales records were stored on the computer. The tradition has been maintained to this day. There are only a handful of brands that can achieve such detailed records, especially those with such huge output. I believe Longines is a mark in many lives, and may not necessarily be the ultimate goal, but many people can’t get around it and also carry the original memory of clocks. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!