Wild And Exquisite Delicate Watch And Animal Hug

British poet Sigrief Sasson once said: I have a tiger in my heart and sniff the rose. Two extremes of confrontation, one rigid and one soft, soft and soft. Just like the watch and the embrace of animals, the wildness is yet delicate. Today the editor introduces several watches with animal phantoms.
Speeding Cheetah
 Cartier HIGH JEWELRY WATCHES HPI00341 watch

 The watch numbered HPI00341 recommended today is the representative work of the HIGH JEWELRY WATCHES series. The cheetah made of diamond wraps the entire platinum dial like a gallop, and the green eyes seem to have endless words. The smooth dial can grasp the balance between complexity and beauty with two simple hands, and the softness of the silk strap also neutralizes the wild atmosphere of the cheetah.

 As a representative of exquisite patterns and gorgeous designs, Cartier has always been a favorite of women. The perfect combination of jewelry and craftsmanship is its major feature. This is especially true for the HIGH JEWELRY WATCHES series. The three-dimensional modeling animals created by superb watchmaking technology are dizzying, and they are as lifelike as they are telling a magnificent fairy tale. This series uses a double-layered ring design with bubbles inlaid with diamonds, making it impossible to fail.
Swimming seahorse
 Van Cleef & Arpels women’s watch series VCARN01000 watch

 This watch, numbered VCARN01000, has a black background as a whole body to create a mysterious horizon. At the same time, the enamel used for its production is extremely complicated in the watch manufacturing process, which requires a relatively high level of craftsmanship, and the results are naturally excellent. The seahorse pattern makes people fall into the deep sea in an instant. You may be wondering: Where is the dial? Open the drawer on the right, and the black and white dial appears in front of you. This is the secret of the Secret series.

 In 1896, Van Cleef Arpels would not have been born without Alfred Van Cleef and Estelle Arpels. It is precisely because of this moving love, Van Cleef & Arpels has its unique insights and production of women’s watches. The application of diamonds, gems and precious metals is a major feature. The combination of gorgeousness and elegance creates one classic legend after another.

王者 白虎
 Athens 130-91FC / TIGER watch

 This Caprice Tiger watch uses a white tiger with a black pattern as the largest pattern on the entire dial, which will surely attract you at first glance. The inlaying of beautiful diamonds is essential: the eyes with green light reveal the domineering of the king, ten red time scales make people quickly grasp the time, and the fine silver diamonds are all over this tiger. The square dial design is unique, and the black and white combination of the strap and the case will never be outdated.

 Ulysse Nardin, the founder of the Swiss watch brand Athens, was born in Switzerland in 1823. In the early years, his father Leonard Frederic taught the technology of watchmaking. Later, he studied with contemporary watchmaker William Dubois and trained a master watchmaking skill. The Athens watch inherited to this day has reached the top level of watchmaking in terms of workmanship and design.

Lion in the jungle
 Chopard L.U.C 16161-5050 watch

 The color of this watch is luxurious and atmospheric, and the pattern is gradually developed in a slightly three-dimensional form. In the depths of the jungle, the apes play between trees, and plants of various shapes and shapes form a nature that modern urban people have never reached. The most striking part of the whole picture is the scene where the lion is preparing to capture its prey. One is attentive, preparing a good meal; the other is at ease, completely unaware of the danger. When this picture is displayed in front of your eyes, you have to lament the superb craftsmanship of the maker.

 Chopard, a watch brand known for precision, brings us the top watch series L.U.C. It has two characteristics of enthusiasm and innovation, representing the highest state of watchmaking art. Among them, three gold ladies watches with animal motifs are unique and extremely beautiful. The one I would like to recommend for you today is the most vivid and vivid 161902-5050 watch.
 Maybe, there is a tiger in the heart of everyone’s heart, so there are often times when you are brave and unswerving, but there are still roses growing outside the tiger’s hole. Therefore, no matter how strong the heart is like a stone or a man full of pride, there is still a weak lotus in his chest and his face is open. Just like these wild and delicate animal watches, we must have both the tiger’s spirit and the rose’s delicateness.