Within Five Thousand Yuan, Buy Mechanical Watch Or High-tech Electronic Watch

When you want to buy a watch, the choice is very realistic. The budget directly determines the brands you can buy, so when it comes to recommending buying a watch, the budget is always inevitable. . And in a budget that can’t be beat, I think 5,000 yuan is an awkward price, because the mechanical watch at this price is very introductory, let’s say how high the grade is. There are fewer stores and advertisements, and the consumption level is relatively low, so it is okay. If you buy a high-tech electronic watch at this price, its grade may be higher, which is like the one we often say Contrast ‘Whether you choose chicken or Phoenix?’ Of course, this price is actually not a ‘head’ in an electronic watch, and it is not a high price, but this is a reality. Buying a watch for the first time with a budget of several thousand yuan is very common.

Tissot Classic

   In the case of buying a watch for the first time, there is a budget of several thousand yuan. Most people choose a mechanical watch. In the overall concept of a mechanical watch, the grade is higher than that of an electronic watch. There is no doubt that many years of experience in the industry Experience tells me that a mechanical watch with a few thousand yuan can satisfy your desire for a mechanical watch at that time. Although it is difficult to reflect more value in subsequent use, it is still the first choice for many people. Any product, watch, car, clothes, computer, etc., has general and high-end. In today’s highly industrialized world, ordinary mechanical watches are all produced by assembly lines or even automated. Except for the assembly part, there is basically not much. Handmade ingredients, so you can buy a mechanical watch at a very low price, while slightly higher-end watches use higher-level parts with semi-manual ingredients. Higher-end watches have higher precision parts. The technology is higher, the materials are better, and even more handmade ingredients are used. There are obvious differences that can be seen at a glance.

Quartz Movement

   Part of the reason why people are more inclined to choose mechanical watches is that only mechanical watches can really be called clocks, because clocks are developed because of the application of mechanical science, and they have been passed down for hundreds of years, so mechanical watches In order to represent the original value of watches and clocks. It is generally believed that mechanical watches are more ‘high-tech’ than electronic watches because everyone knows that electronic products have low manufacturing costs and can be mass-produced. Several original parts are easy to use and accurate when soldered to a circuit board. Mechanical watches have very small parts, high precision, easy to be disturbed by the outside world, and more difficult to assemble. Therefore, to achieve an error of only a few seconds per day, very precise mechanical cooperation, precision production and fine structure are required, which has led to it. Superior status. Another is that mechanical watches are generally more expensive than electronic watches, so wearing a mechanical watch feels more face-to-face, and the first impression of an electronic watch is that it is cheap. This, of course, has the most intuitive basis. The price of a mechanical movement starts from a few hundred yuan, a little more than a thousand yuan, and those with complex functions cost a few thousand yuan, not to mention the tourbillon and other movements. And an electronic movement only needs tens of yuan, a few hundred yuan can have a solar function, a thousand yuan level electronic movement is high-tech to have an intelligent system, GPS positioning, etc., almost all of the currently available functions.
   But I don’t think the choice of this price segment is absolute, ‘one price and one product’ is the same law. Hundreds of dollars of mechanical watches, and hundreds of dollars of electronic watches, there is nothing comparable, hundreds of thousands of mechanical watches and hundreds of thousands of quartz watches are not comparable, then what is the value of the mass impression between the two, what The price segment has reversed. My experience is 5,000 yuan.

Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

   So what mechanical watches can I buy at this price? Calculated according to the normal counter (after all, most people have no cheaper channels except online shopping and purchasing), Tissot’s mid-range mechanical watches, such as the most classic Lilo Roman scale models, without observatory certification, or 80-hour power base models , As well as the old models of automatic mechanical chronographs, Mido’s entry-level mechanical watches, such as the simplest Belenceli automatic watches, or some Japanese and domestic mechanical watches, the old Hamilton or Certina multifunctional Watch, catch up with the in-app purchase promotion and say something else. These watches have a feature, that is, there will not be too many functions and the process will not be too complicated, so be sure to buy a design that can please you. Swiss watches at this price generally use universal movements, and Japanese watches are almost miyota-based or Seiko-based movements, so it’s good to look at the brand and design. The reason why the basic watch does not have much follow-up value is because on the one hand it is simple in function, so it is not as fun and easy to use as an electronic watch, and there are limited options for brands, and there are even fewer special models, so It is also less topical. Similarly, the design is generally simpler, because complex designs or high-grade materials will increase its price. Even simple gold plating will increase the price by about 10%. So if you buy a mechanical watch at this price, you must buy the design and brand you really like.

Casio G-SHOCK GWG-1000-1A watch

   So what are the options for advanced electronic watches? Casio’s G-SHOCK land series multi-function watch, with solar power, can be recharged with light, a few minutes in the sun can be charged enough power for a day, can also be charged under fluorescent lights, so basically do not have to worry about electricity, Six rounds of radio wave function, automatically turn on in the early morning every day in the state of automatic turning on, the position of the pointer is automatically corrected (Longines this year’s VHP has this function), intelligent operating system, using Android, Casio has cooperated with Microsoft, using Microsoft has not disclosed Patented Android smart system, with exclusive functions, can be connected to mobile phones, with triple sensor, shockproof, mudproof, vibration resistant, 200 meters waterproof, alarm clock, timer and countdown, automatic calendar, 29 city world time, artificial The configuration of the sapphire glass mirror and the screw-lock button is quite high. If I put it together with a mechanical watch of the same price, I would say that the mechanical watch is more advanced. I really disagree.

Certina equipped with G10.212 AA PRECIDRIVE chronograph

   Of course, many people will definitely think that Casio is a student watch. Although I think this is a bit prejudiced, its shape is indeed like a high-end toy, without the feeling of a famous watch. In fact, many high-tech electronic watches, because the consumer group is younger, So it’s more fashionable, but if you want a high-tech electronic watch, this price is not without options. In fact, there are many choices for quartz watches, but there are not many high-tech quartz watches. Certina is one of the brands worth buying. The appearance of the Certina diving series has many features of a famous watch. It uses a metal case with a unidirectional rotating bezel, a large luminous scale, and many of Certina’s iconic designs. And its high technology is also reflected in the movement. Although quartz movements are very common, the Swatch Group has strong research and development capabilities in quartz movements. Among them, the two iconic technologies, Powerdrive and Precidrive, are mostly used in In the brand Certina, the former is used for high-precision timing, and the latter is used for normal travel time. This watch uses the G10.212 AA PRECIDRIVE chronograph movement provided by ETA, with an annual error of plus or minus 10 seconds, while the average error of a normal quartz watch is within this number. Of course, the Swatch Group also has many more high-tech electronic watches, but this price is not available. Longines’ new VHP watch in 2017 is expected to be about 8500 domestic prices, which is already very cost-effective. Technical quartz watches, and I think it’s more worth buying than mechanical watches of the same price.
   In addition, there are actually many high-tech electronic watches you can buy at this price, including outdoor watch brands such as Song Tuo. I think that the high-tech is either a traditional quartz movement with special functions, such as a perpetual calendar, high precision Such as Seiko’s quartz watch, automatic correction of gears, etc., or the electronic chip has a smart system, GPS, radio waves, solar energy, etc., and these functions can actually be bought at a price of about five thousand, but I don’t So I like the fruit table, which is a pure technology table that uses electronic screens and electronic chips to implement functions. It is too easy to update and iterate.
   If it’s this price, would you choose a mechanical watch or a high-tech electronic watch?