Wrist Reunion Minutes V. Miss Rado Swiss Radar Centrix Crystal Collection Open Core Watch

‘There is a cloudy and sunny day in the moon. Because of love, the bright moon in the heart is always complete, and the love between them is also complete.’-Tang Wei
 Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon to Mid-Autumn Festival is bright, and in a blink of an eye, it is another year of reunion. The joy of reuniting with family and the joy of meeting with loved ones are precious because of the shining of this bright moon, and the thoughts filled with it are fixed as eternity in memory. Rado Swiss Radar Centrix series of core-opening watches, will embellish the thousands of miles acacia in the flow of time, will be the best wishes in the wrist to accompany. Let time prove love, watch my heart with a watch, and send a symbol of reunion to everyone who misses it.

 The dial of the new Centrix series core opener watch adopts a unique hollow design, which ingeniously translates good wishes into every delicate detail, and misses the thoughts: The round window at 12 o’clock symbolizes the consummation when lovers meet The bright diamonds set on the dial are like bright stars in the night sky, bringing gorgeous sparkle to the wrist. The watch hands seem to represent each other’s loved ones and loved ones. They rarely meet each other but always coexist with the same roots, moving forward together in the life track. And each movement of the movement inside the watch has become a tacit understanding of each other. When watching the beating between the wrists, it is as if they feel each other’s heartbeat. Reunited in the wrist from then on, telling the thoughts every second.

 The RADO Centrix series core watch adopts the brand’s signature high-tech ceramic material, bringing a long-lasting shine in the extraordinary lightness. There are also white and brown high-tech ceramic models to choose from, either pure or moist. Brings graceful beauty to the wrist. Thanks to its outstanding automatic mechanical movement, the watch has a power reserve of up to 80 hours, helping you to easily navigate multiple occasions to meet multiple challenges in life and work.

 RADO Swiss watch for men also offers the same classic Centrix crystal extraction series skeleton watch, equipped with 38 mm smooth texture case, underscored the gentleman style. The watch adopts a chocolate brown high-tech ceramic middle link bracelet, which fully guarantees wearing comfort. The hollow dial subtly shows the Swiss movement that is continuously running inside. It is a fashionable art work that combines superb technology and extraordinary craftsmanship.
 RADO Swiss Radar Centrix series core-opening watch-condensing good wishes, telling every second.