Zhang Zhilin Becomes Franck Muller®, The First Asia-pacific Brand Ambassador

From Geneva, Switzerland, FRANCK MULLER®, a world-renowned high-end watch brand with extraordinary craftsmanship, held a celebration ceremony at The Principal in Wanchai on the afternoon of September 5, 2013. Film star Zhang Zhilin became the first brand ambassador in Asia Pacific.

 Today, Zhang Zhilin joined Mr. Nicholas Rudaz, Director of FRANCK MULLER® Group, Dr. Zhu Liyuehua, Chairman of FRANCK MULLER® Asia Pacific, and Mr. Zhu Junhao, Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of FRANCK MULLER® Asia Pacific, to unveil the new Thunderbolt tourbillon watch series ceremony. Zhang Zhilin also received a new Thunderbolt Tourbillon watch from Franck MULLER® on the spot. This tourbillon is hailed as the world’s fastest tourbillon with a value of HK $ 2.18 million.

 In order to cooperate with the Thunderbolt Tourbillon watch known as ‘the world’s fastest tourbillon’, the conference specially arranged Zhang Zhilin to drive to the scene with a powerful road sports car. Accompanied by two elegant models, he was full of style.

 The prestigious FRANCK MULLER® has always been known for its unique creativity and extraordinary design. Zhang Zhilin was invited to be his brand ambassador for the Asia-Pacific region this time to appreciate his equally extraordinary temperament and taste, as well as his breakthrough and innovative character, which is the same as the brand style of FRANCK MULLER®.

 Zhang Zhilin, dressed in smart clothes, quickly became the focus of the audience. Regarding FRANCK MULLER®’s first Asia-Pacific brand ambassador, Zhang Zhilin said: “I really appreciate FRANCK MULLER®’s traditional and exquisite watchmaking technology, and I also like to do everything myself, so I fully recognize and respect the brand’s process of developing watches. In addition, Zhang Zhilin, who is fond of tourbillon watches, also shared his requirements and selection experience for watches on the spot, and expressed his hope to create more peaks with the brand in the future.

 In the end, the distinguished guests performed a simple and solemn toast on the stage together, and successfully concluded the celebration ceremony.